Group Benefits

Our Value Proposition

We believe that any benefits program should provide all participating plan members with tax-effective compensation of value, while mitigating risks, containing overall costs, and taking maximum advantage of the tools found within the income tax act. These areas of strong focus lead us to continuously seek and develop unique, forward-thinking and proven strategies and solutions.

We use an exclusive consulting process to help companies articulate the purpose of their Employee Benefits Program, develop goals relative to the plan purpose, and then determine actual results in accomplishing these goals. This process is designed to help plan sponsors articulate the purpose of their Employee Benefits Program, develop goals relative to that purpose, and apply innovative thinking from every perspective to succeed in accomplishing identified goals.


John and his team recently managed the implementation of a new partner benefits program that improved our coverage and saved us money. They demonstrated a high degree of expertise and John's presentation clearly outlined the savings and deliverables. John and his team set attainable goals and timelines and took immediate action once approval was obtained to move forward. They were sensitive to the staff and the challenges they faced throughout the implementation. In addition, their style was open and inviting to questions (and they expressed appreciation for them). John frequently met with us to respond to concerns over potential contract issues each of which were resolved quickly and professionally. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work and I most certainly recommend him and his team should you choose to review or analyse your current benefits program with a view to ensure that you have the best the market has to offer today.

John and his team have been valued partners through our review, implementation and communication of company benefits. They have in the past and continue to provide our Company with great advice, service and support throughout every step of the process.

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