Our Ongoing Management Services

We view ourselves as an extension of your own benefits management team. We provide the support that you require in order to ensure your benefits program is well-communicated and appreciated by your plan members. Our team is well-versed with matters relating to Canada Revenue Agency, Employment Insurance and Employment Standards Act; we are pleased to assist with streamlining and/or creating benefits related policies.

Administration Issues

We review existing administrative processes for any shortfalls, and when necessary, develop new strategies to facilitate advantages for your organization.

Legislative Changes

Any changes in provincial or federal legislation pertaining to your benefits plan are outlined, clearly defining the impact of any such changes to your organization's benefits plan.

Plan Design Review

Any shortcomings or plan design inefficiencies are reviewed and addressed to ensure you are providing an environment where maximum return on investment is possible.


Negotiations with the carrier are undertaken to resolve any calculation errors and any provision changes necessary to provide the best possible financial result.

Simplified Flexible Plan Designs

We work with you to find the benefits design that best suits your organization. We take an active lead in the development of communication materials and employee presentations required for the launch of the program and the re-enrolment into the program.

Online Flex Plan Re-Enrolment

Our web-based re-enrolment system simplifies further the re-enrolment process required in the successful execution of a Flexible Plan Design.


We are pleased to provide you with Excel based calculation tools to assist you with such tasks as:

  • Calculating the portion of the premiums payable by your employees via payroll deductions - this includes calculation of taxable benefits for all provinces including Quebec;
  • Calculating the level of salary-based benefits including associated costs.


Our web-based survey platform, also available in hard-copy, allows plan sponsors to gather employee opinions and insight in an anonymous, non-intrusive manner.

Third-Party Administrative Services

We offer a full suite of third-party administrative services for our plan sponsors who require additional support in the day-to-day administrative requirements of managing an employee benefits program.

Experience Reviews

At regular intervals throughout the year, we meet to discuss the performance of your employee benefits program and how it aligns with your articulated goals. A detailed analysis of current experience results is provided as well as any other information pertaining to your benefits program, as necessary. This may include:

  • Recent legislation changes and emerging trends in the industry,
  • Administration or service issues,
  • Employee wellness initiatives,
  • The impact of any recent plan changes on the performance of the plan,
  • Any significant claiming trends that need to be addressed,
  • Estimate the renewal adjustments that can be expected when the plan renews,
  • Test the appropriateness of the funding arrangement in-place and recommend a change as necessary
  • Test the level of tax efficiency within the plan and recommend improvements as necessary to meet set goals.

Annual Renewal

The annual renewal is given the focus and attention required to ensure that your organization is in the best financial position, both from a pricing and plan design perspective. A comprehensive renewal report is provided annually through which we address the fundamentals of how pricing is compiled and bring to the forefront any areas of exposed risk along with recommendations on how to mitigate risks and contain costs immediately and in the future.


In the event that it is determined that your incumbent carrier may not be sufficiently meeting your needs in terms of your organization's plan purpose, service, pricing, funding arrangement, technological and/or administrative capabilities, we would recommend a market study be undertaken for the entire plan. The marketing may occur in conjunction with the renewal or at any time throughout the policy year, as needed.


The group benefits industry has undergone significant consolidation in recent years resulting in fewer insurance carriers in the marketplace and reduced competition. We ensure that your organization's benefit costs remain competitive in the marketplace through benchmarking and leveraging our block of business.

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