Our Process

Our process is differentiated by our focus on the following six aspects of your benefits program:

Tax Efficiency

Employee Benefit Plans are an extremely tax effective way of compensating Executives and Employees. By identifying and highlighting every opportunity within the income tax act pertaining to benefits, we have found new and innovative ways to create cost savings and certainty while at the same time enhancing the benefit value proposition to plan members.

Cost Containment

Our process continually looks for innovative and creative methods to contain benefit costs without significantly impacting the coverage most important to your employees.

Leverage with Carriers

With millions in premiums under management, we are able to partner with carriers to create unique and customized client solutions and ensure the most appropriate outcomes for our clients.


People Corporation leads the way in the design and distribution of innovative and unique products and services to add value to our clients.

Risk Mitigation

We continually look for strategies to contain costs and equalize benefits offered to all employees.


To ensure that employees are aware of the value of your benefits plan, ongoing communication, both written and verbal, is required to identify the advantages of your benefits coverage.

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