Our Services

Enhanced Plan Member Experience Value-Add Services

Through our strategic relationship with suppliers and providers of services within the marketplace, we are continuously seeking and developing opportunities for plan sponsors to enhance the value of their employee benefits program while mitigating their overall expenditures.

My Elder Care

Caregivers need help balancing the demands of caring for aging loved ones and being focused and productive at work. My Elder Care provides you with access to expert advice, guidance and support to assist with eldercare challenges. These services are provided by Eldercare Select through First Health Care.

My Child Care

It is difficult to be focused and engaged at work when you are feeling stressed about your child care arrangements. My Child Care offers you assistance to manage temporary childcare emergencies and with finding reliable, high-quality permanent childcare. These services are provided by Kids & Company.

My Medical Director

Employees are a company's most valuable asset. Recognizing the physical pain, mental anguish and long waiting lists for when illness or injury strikes, we have arranged a unique program to provide you with exceptional early medical intervention approaches. These services are provided by MedExtra.

Pharmacy Initiatives

We have formalized a relationship with Loblaw and all of their pharmacies and optical locations across Canada to ensure proper control is in-place for the cost of dispensing fees, ingredient mark-ups and vision care products.

Paramedical Preferred Provider Network

This program ensures the potential for abuse of paramedical coverage is reduced. Our unique network includes an audit process to ensure the proper submission of claims and appropriate treatment plans are utilized.

Cleveland Clinic Canada

Through our relationship with the Cleveland Clinic Canada (CCC), we have designed a portfolio of very unique value added programs aimed at ensuring advocacy and medical service excellence to medical care as needed. This innovative program is made up of several components tailored for Executives and Employees.

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