Dave Wilkins (Hons B.Sc)

Account Executive

Dave is responsible for the ongoing financial and administrative management and day to day service of his Associates, their Clients and their Employees as it relates to Group Life and Health Insurance Products and Services. Dave also assists with data analysis, IT issues and escalated service items within the Integrated Solutions’ office and block of business.

Dave is a problem solver who enjoys facing new challenges and finding unique solutions to complex issues. With a strong background in research and analysis, Dave prides himself on not only finding the right solution, but in educating his clients to ensure they gain better insight to help avoid similar problems in the future.

Dave began his career in the call center for one of the largest Canadian insurance carriers over 10 years ago. He quickly progressed to group underwriting where he spent over 3 years honing his skills and knowledge on clients of all sizes, complexities and financial arrangements. Dave then moved on to spend the next 5 years managing all aspects of a group benefits department at a mid sized brokerage, maintaining a 99% retention rate on a block of business worth over 25 million in annual premium, as well as performing as the key contact and relationship manager for top tier clientele.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with his young family and getting out to perform live music whenever possible.

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